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Thank you so much for visiting our page.  We are excited to introuduce our new line of products to the world, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do creating them.    Our first product that we started with was 100% All Natural Soap.   We wanted something that not only had an amazing scent but also was soothing and refreshing to your skin.   Hence our new and first product was born, Mother Nature Soap.    We think you will agree this soap has a scent that is so amazing it re-energizes you everytime that you use it.   Check out our current 100% Natural Bar Soap Products at http://www.mithut.com/collections/bar-soaps

Currently we are working on our new candle line that should be out sometime in the middle of January 2016.     We are wanting to bring the same amazing scents to our candle line so your entire home will be bursting with our exciting fresh scents.   All of our products are made of 100% Natural Products and are amazingly refreshing. If you have anyquestions about our products our services please email us at sjstores@yahoo.com.  As always visit http://www.mithut.com for all your luxury home product needs.   

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